What is it about social media networks that make them so amazing for marketing?

One thing is sure. Being on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram is not just a trend nowadays. It has become a necessity. For everyone. Everywhere. Without exception.

Whether you are a university student, a celebrity, a business, a professional journalist, or anything else, you can’t live without social media nowadays. There are so many positive and useful uses to social media that it would be such a pity not to take advantage of them.

Here are a few of the main advantages of social media (be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc):

  • Social media help you to stay in touch with people, and thus, keep in touch with the “trends”. Social media allow you to make it possible to stay in touch with what is in these days and what is not.
  • Share media easily. Social media give you the possibility to share pictures, Buy Twitter Followers, videos, files with whoever you want, very easily, in a fun way. Just imagine if you had to share pictures with people only by email. Would it not be extremely boring? If you run a business, just imagine if you have to spend crazy amounts of money on advertising, by making pamphlets/catalogs and distribute them, etc.
  • Reach out to people and get famous. If you are a professional journalist, a make-up artist, a celebrity, etc., social media give you a chance to reach out to people, increase your level of fame and get more and more popular because real life does not give you the same opportunities as social media. Just look at the number of popular make-up artists who have their own Youtube channel, Facebook page or Instagram profile nowadays. Would they be this popular if they had to rely only on word of mouth or real advertising?
  • Make money. You can make money on social media, yes. For instance, if you run a business, being on social media is a must. You can create a public profile for your brand/product, reach out to more and more people, share content including URL links to your website/product, incite people to buy whatever you sell. In the end, all of these efforts result in profit. There are also other ways to earn money on social media, and it is definitely worth trying it.
  • Social media allow you to gain popularity without having to hire any advertising staff. On social media, things can quickly become a trend. Sometimes, it is your followers who become your brand ambassadors, your advertisers, your defenders.


In conclusion, not using social media tools can be compared to when you have a cell phone (does not matter which one) and you insist that you will not save any number in it. Whenever you need to call someone, you will look at your personal diary only and compose the number entirely. You will not use your personal diary as a help in case you lose your data, but you will pretend your personal diary is still the one and only way to save people’s numbers. Wouldn’t it be sad? Business have so much to gain from social media. And they know it.

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Ways to save energy sources

The fossil oil consumption is going in constant pace, and it has so much contributed to the deterioration of the environment. Our environment is suffering from many problems such as global warming, changes in climate, reduction in the ozone layer, and air pollution.

Many countries are moving forward and using green and clean energy sources. To adopt solar energy or geothermal energy for daily needs. Still there is a long time.

Consumers Energy is the utility that provides electricity and gas to many people.

Here are some ways in which you can save energy and make this world clean and better place to live.

The system of heat:

Check out your window, if there is any air leakage, you feel the air coming out from the duct joints than use the duct tape to seal it. Eradicating can help you to reduce the cost.

Be careful in using kitchen, bathroom or other ventilation fan usage, they suck tremulousness amount of heat when you leave them too long. When you are away from home, turn down the thermostat.


Saving energy in the kitchen:

When boiling water, use the covered pan or kettle, in it the water will boil soon, in this way energy is saved. Try to keep the range burners clean, as they reflect better heat and you save energy. Try to cook when the weather is cool, during early morning or in the late evenings. When cooking the meal, use the microwave it consumes half of the energy than the oven. In the kitchen use the smaller appliances, as they use less energy.

The water heater:

Buy the energy efficient model, the cost of buying will be high, but the operating cost is less. Use this water heater, which uses the energy when the hot water is needed.

Depending on the size of your family, purchase the water heater. The Too large water heater will consume large energy. If possible use the natural gas water heater, it will heat the water soon and less expensive than the electric water heater.

The consumer’s energy is serving many people, with all facility of electricity. You can contact them for any help.

Lighting and fans:

The star light bulbs use 80 percent less energy than the standard light bulbs.
Turn off the light when not in use.
Keep your bulb clean, keep removing the dust from it as they reduce light and make difficult for you.

Dishwasher :

When purchasing the dishwasher, buy the one with energy efficient. Having the power air and dry settings. After the rinse cycles the dishwasher off automatically. In this way, 10 percent of dishwasher energy cost is saved.

Clean the filter regularly, it will work than efficiently.

Washer and dryer:

Watch the clothes in warm water instead of dry that can save.

Dry the clothes outside, instead of using the dryer.

The consumer’s energy is helping people a lot in providing natural gas and electricity. It is taking place over others. But nowadays people are changed instead of using electricity, they are using solar energy.