5 things that you did not know about social media: Surprises!

Almost everyone reading this post is expected to be a social media user in one way or the other. People tend to use different social platforms but there are some surprising facts about them that no one knew.

These denies a lot of misconceptions and myths and the facts reveal mind blowing information about the social networks such as buy active instagram followers, Likes, Views, Comments etc. So, brace yourself because here we come up with the 5 things that you did not know about social media.

Facebook is still growing

With a sea of accounts already made on Facebook, for some social media marketers, the platform has become obsolete. However, the stats suggest something different and they state that a new account pops up on this social platform every 5 seconds!

Yes, each five second a new account is created on this platform. How many of them are business accounts, whether they are genuine or fake, remains a few questions to be asked. However, it is more than the number of global births!

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People love videos

Marketers generally don’t like to bank on the video marketing and they are more into other solutions. Even if a video makes a way into their strategy, it would only be a short slight little presentation and nothing more. Peeking into the data that Facebook provides, each day more than 500 years’ worth video content (as per the collective timing users spend watching videos) is watched on the platform.

On the other side, we have YouTube that is mainly focused on videos and their details suggest that an average youtube user spend a minimum of 15 minutes browsing youtube.

Your fan’s twitter expectations

Twitter is a platform where people would connect with different brands and individuals that are high profile celebrities and would try to get a reply from them. While it is not necessary on all the occasions that every single tweet should be responded, when it comes to brands, companies, shopping, queries, and complaints, things are a little different.

At least a 53% of twitter users have expectation that the brand/company to which they are tweeting would review and answer to the query within an hour! And on the other side, if the tweet is a ‘complaint,’ the stats jump from 53% to a surprising 72%. So, make sure that you engage with your followers and respond to them whenever possible.

Friday is the Facebook day

According to studies, Friday is the day when there is highest engagement of individuals on facebook. Adobe took time to review over 225 billion facebook posts and found that if you are looking for the best engagement time then you should consider posting on Fridays because it is the day when you have highest chances to receive comments, likes, and shares.

Tweet late evening to get retweet

TrackMaven analyzed 1.7 million tweets and came up with the suggestion that if you are to maximize the retweeting chances then tweet between 10 and 11 pm. And if you are to enhance it even more, do it on Sunday. It is because this is the time when there is low share volume and more chances that the content will be shared.